Why Does Coffee Make Me Poop?


attention coffee makes you poop on mugIf you have been an avid coffee drinker, then you are perhaps familiar with the “poop effect” associated with the consumption of coffee. As per a recent report, around thirty percent of the people from around the world feel an urge to take a dump right after consuming coffee.

While the accurate answer to why such a phenomenon is associated with the consumption of coffee is still not known, there certainly is a theory on which it could be premised.

If you are interested in knowing why or how does consumption of coffee makes you poop, then you have certainly landed on the right page.

Since caffeine is the primary ingredient of coffee, you have probably already started to form a link between the consumption of coffee and having the urge to poop.

But what if we told you that caffeine doesn’t have anything to do with the aforementioned effect which can be bolstered by the fact that Soda fails to have a similar impact on the human body while the laxative effect of coffee is found to be just as pronounced even if it decaf. Now let’s take a closer look at how does coffee produces the aforementioned effect in the body.

Coffee poop effect

To begin with, coffee is known to have a stimulatory effect on the distal colon. In other words, it essentially helps a great deal in making it possible and more convenient for things to move along efficiently inside your colon.

Considering that the primary function of distal colon in the human body is to push the waste materials out of it in an efficient fashion, it is only understandable for coffee to have the same effect since it is essentially synergizing the role of the distal colon.

Now that you are aware of the physical mechanism followed for the “poop effect” associated with coffee, you are perhaps wondering what could trigger such a response?

wooden toilet door heart shaped hole on it in outdoor It has been hypothesized that the acidity associated with the consumption of coffee has a key role to play. A major ingredient of coffee known as the chlorogenic acid has an inbuilt quality to elevate the levels of stomach acid and produce gastric acid in a higher concentration.

Due to such an increase in the acidic levels of the stomach, the contents of it are dumped more efficiently through the entire digestive system.

It has also been speculated that a yet unknown ingredient of coffee may play its role in improved digestion via causing an increase in the efficiency of the bowel movements.

Since there are some hundreds of chemicals in a cup of coffee, it has not yet been identified as to which of the ingredients holds such an impact.

Remember that all of the above-mentioned ideas are only hypotheses which have not yet been completely proven and must not be taken for granted. However, it certainly provides a logical reason and lays the foundation for future studies on the link between a cup of coffee and an urge to poop.

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