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The life in the twenty-first century can be hard, businesses move at a rapid pace, and there are only 24 hours in a day to get tasks done. With such a fast-paced life, it’s not surprising to see the average American indulge in at least 4 cups of coffee every single day, and while most of the American’s like to take their coffee black, others like to add a little flavor to their beverage. There are many ways to take a coffee; this versatile food item can be used in drinks, hot beverages and even other food items such as desserts and fizzy drinks. The original flavor of coffee beans is dark, rich and strong. For some people, this can be a tad too bitter, and they like to spice up the game by combining and merging it with different flavors that can store the rich aroma of coffee but change the flavor to their liking.


vanilla and coffee beans

Vanilla flavored coffee


Flavored coffee beans can be found in the coffee aisle of the almost departmental store, and is relatively easy to find. There are many options available to consumers now; however the most common is vanilla flavored coffee. For people who do not like to use creamers, or one’s who relish the taste of vanilla extract in coffee, this flavor can be an absolute delight. You can simply brew the vanilla extract coffee beans in warm water, add creamer or even take it directly on its own.


Hazelnut coffee flavor

Another popular flavor on the market is hazelnut coffee flavor. The nutty and crunchy flavor of hazelnuts really goes well with coffee and brings out a unique and ravishing flavor. The bitterness can also be cut down greatly by adding hazelnut in the coffee, moreover, for people who like strong coffee tastes, this one is a must have. The taste is rather rich and heartwarming. How to make hazelnut coffee is rather easy, you can either purchase a packet of the flavored coffee beans; make a large batch in your to give you that warm wake-up kiss in the morning. Or you can make it directly at home! To do so, simply grind up some hazelnuts and mix it into your coffee beans jar. When you brew your coffee in the morning, the flavor of the nuts will seep through and give your coffee a light and delicious flavor. This hazelnut coffee recipe is rather easy to implement, and if you’d rather have an easier routine than ground up hazelnuts every day, you can even make a hazelnut syrup. coffee and hazelnut

How to make hazelnut syrup for coffee

Simple, take a little a quarter teaspoon of butter and simmer it in a pan, next add powdered hazelnut and cook for a minute. Add sugar or maple syrup for sweetness, and add water to increase consistency.

Cocoa powder in coffee

Another common element in flavored coffee is cocoa beans or powders. These give out a chocolaty and rich flavor to your morning brew.  How to make chocolate flavored coffee is easy as well, you simply have to add cacao powder to your morning batch of coffee and it will give out an excellent flavor. Moreover, there are many chocolate flavors you can play around with. You can use either dark chocolate or brown chocolate. Some people also like to use white chocolate in their coffee as it cuts the need to use creamers. Homemade flavored coffee beans are much cheaper for most people and also hold on to the taste longer than commercial brands. Moreover, they are free from preservatives that are present in commercial coffees in order to hold on to the flavor longer, hence much healthier for you.

Cinnamon coffee flavor

cinnamon coffee beans

To make a rather spicy latte or coffee for the strong hearted people, the cinnamon coffee flavor is a great choice. Cinnamon infused coffee beans are available on the market and can be found easily. Moreover, cinnamon sticks also work really well with coffee and give an exciting touch to a rather plain beverage.

Imagine waking up to the aroma and scent of cinnamon coffee, sounds great right? If cinnamon infused beans can’t be found in the store, you can make your own as well. Simply put a little coffee powder in the coffee maker and add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. The best thing about this drink is the splendid aroma.

These flavors of coffee are the most popular with people, however, there are many different flavors of coffee one can choose from such as strawberry, almond nut, and even raspberry. As with anything authentic and natural coffee, flavoring is favored by most coffee lovers.

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