Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants?


You might be surprised to know that after you have enjoyed your cup of coffee, the spent coffee grounds can be very useful, particularly for your plants.


Coffee grounds are useful fertilizers that can be used in an organic garden. Apart from providing essential nutrients that all plants require, coffee grounds also help in various other aspects of gardening such as improving the health and size of plants by enhancing the overall quality of the soil.


The benefits of coffee grounds acting as a potent fertilizer do not end here as they also help protect plants from natural predators i.e. slugs. Ants, snails, and slugs do not like the smell of coffee. All you need to do is sprinkle the used grounds on top of the soil around plants that are slug-prone such as tomatoes, lettuce, and strawberries to provide a slug barrier.


Most of the plants rely on mineral nitrogen which is contained in the soil. If your soil is lacking it, you can use coffee grounds to boost the amount of nitrogen in the soil. Coffee grounds give the soil the extra nitrogen they need. Many rose gardeners have stated that coffee grounds not only help the roses grow larger than normal, they also make them more colorful.


Coffee grounds offer plants with a lot of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium. Theses nutrients are often found in fertilizers and are very beneficial to plants. While they provide these essential nutrients, coffee grounds also add a significant amount of acidity to the soil. Roses, blueberries, and gardenias are some of the plants known to love acidic soil. So coffee grounds provide the maximum benefit when used with these plants.


Another benefit of coffee grounds is that they make the soil easier to till. Worms are quite beneficial to have in your garden as they eat coffee grounds. As the worms travel through the dirt, they spread the nutrients. In this way, the more oxygen is provided to the root as the soil aerates; which is good because the more oxygen that reaches a plants root the better its growth and health.


Watering your plants with a mix of 10 parts water and 2 parts coffee grounds will give them an instant boost. Mix them well in a bucket and place it in the sun for a few hours. Then water your patio plants or house plants with the nitrogen-loaded liquid. If your plants have fungus, bugs, or any other type of scale, you can wipe the plants leaves with this mixture. It will get rid of the bugs, add shine and sparkle to the leaves, and give the plant a dose of nitrogen as well as other minerals and nutrients.


In conclusion, coffee grounds have a lot of benefits when it comes to plant growth. So as opposed to discarding them in garbage, doing a little extra work and using them to make your plants growth healthier seems to be an excellent alternative.

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